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            126kV GIS
            126kV gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear
            Used in power plants, substations, power transmission and distribution lines, which can be installed indoors or outdoors, especially suitable for the places with small land occupation and harsh environment, such as urban substations, high altitude areas, coastal areas, mining areas, chemical plants, etc.
            Features and Highlights

            High insulation level, high reliability, current up to 3150A;

            Arc extinguishing principle of self-energy arc extinguishing together with auxiliary compressed air is adopted, with strong arc extinguishing ability, low operating power, mechanical life of 10000 times and electric life of 20 times;

            Modular design and block layout can realize various primary schemes;

            The shell is made of aluminum alloy with low eddy current loss and strong corrosion resistance;

            High intelligence to realize on-line monitoring.

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